Repetitive Strain Injury

Caused by repeated exertions, vibrations or working in sustained or awkward positions, a 2008 study showed that 68% of British workers suffered from some sort of RSI, the most common areas being the back, shoulders, wrists and hands.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), as the name suggests, is an injury caused by repetitive tasks to the tendons, muscles and soft tissues. The term also covers carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, ‘BlackBerry thumb’ and other similar related injuries where the body does not have time to recover between repeated activities.

Symptoms of RSI include pain in the affected area, worsening with activity, weakness and lack of endurance. Treatment includes stopping the activity, taking regular breaks and improving your posture/position.

RSI is commonly contracted at work and therefore you might be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Contact Accident Injury Solicitors today.

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