Burns and Scarring

Figures show almost 200,000 people visit Accident & Emergency each year suffering from burn injuries. Burns, and the scarring they leave behind, can be mentally as well as physically traumatic and treatment is often costly and painful.

Burns can be caused by many agents: Direct heat; chemicals; electricity; radiation; friction and sunlight can cause burns of varying severity. Deeper tissue such as muscles and vital organs can be damaged in the worst cases, but most burns only affect the skin.

There are three types of burns. Superficial burns, where only the skin is affected. This type of burn can be painful but will not blister. Sunburn is an example in this category. Partial-thickness burns affect deeper layers of the skin and blisters are common. Full-thickness burns damage all layers of the victim’s skin causing extensive colour change. Because of damage caused to the nerves, this type of burn is often less painful than partial burns.

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