The Claims Process, Explained

Once you have contacted Claim Solicitors 4 U via telephone, or completed our online form, we will contact you for more initial information. This will include (if we don’t have them already):

  • Personal details (name, contacts, date of birth)
  • Details of your accident or injury (date, brief description)
  • Details of any third parties involved
  • Whether you visited you hospital or GP
  • Any witness or police details you may have collected
  • Any other evidence collected (photographs, mobile phone video, etc)
  • If you have been involved in an Road Traffic Accident, whether you require hire, storage and/or vehicle recovery (See One Package RTA Service for more information)

We will then review the claim and contact you within 24 hours, letting you know if one of personal injury solicitors can take on the claim. If they can, the next steps are:

  • Initial contact from your solicitor explaining the Conditional Fee Agreement (no win, no fee)
  • You will be required to send the signed CFA form, provide further personal information and proof of identification documents
  • Your solicitor will begin initial negotiations with the third party’s insurers, providing all evidence supporting your position
  • If you have been in a Road Traffic Accident an independent inspection of your vehicle will be arranged. We can handle the details!
  • Your solicitor will arrange a medical examination and the creation of a medical report which will outline your injuries and prognosis. This will determine the amount of compensation to be awarded. If you have fully recovered from your injuries, the assessment will be to discuss how long you have suffered for. In some cases you may be asked to see a specialist in your specific injury, to ensure the level of compensation is judged accurately.
  • If you are claiming for Special Damages, we will request supporting documentation (your handler will explain what is required)
  • Your solicitor will negotiate your compensation
  • You will be sent a cheque for the amount of compensation awarded

At all stages of your claim, we will endeavour to keep you updated and ‘in the loop’. We have a multi-lingual team, speaking Polish, Urdu and Gujarati besides English and offer multiple avenues of communication; if you want updates by email, it’s no problem!