How Much is my Injury Worth?

The amount of compensation you might be awarded is dependant on a wide range of factors, including the type and duration of your injury, the impact it has had on your life overall, and whether you had any treatment.

Once your medical evidence has been obtained, your dedicated file handler can give you a good idea of what you might achieve.

However, the guide below provides a rough estimate of what a single-site and multi-site injury might achieve. This is for illustrative purposes only.

Length of Injury1 Site*2 Site
1 month£1,300£1,600
2 months£1,500£1,800
3 months£1,700£2,000
4 months£1,900£2,200
5 months£2,100£2,400
6 months£2,300£2,600
7 months£2,400£2,700
8 months£2,500£2,800
9 months£2,700£3,000
10 months£2,900£3,200
11 months£3,100£3,400
12 months£3,300£3,600
18 months£3,900£4,200
24 months£6,200£6,500

*An example single-site injury might be the neck and left shoulder. A two-site injury might be neck and lower back.

(Based upon the 14th Edition of the Judicial College Guidelines.)