Case Studies

  • Mr B was in a motorbike accident in which he broke bones in both hands causing permanent damage. We arranged a specialist examination and he was awarded over £10,000
  • Mrs G owns a busy company and has little free time. When she had her road accident we got her moving again within 24 hours. All correspondence was conducted via email meaning Mrs G could get updates on the move. After 12 weeks, she received a cheque for £2000.
  • Mr H was moving a heavy cage filled with frozen food, when the cage collapsed. Mr H damaged his shoulder and back and was awarded with £2,800 for personal injury and £900 for earnings he lost during the recovery period
  • Miss N was crossing at a zebra crossing, when she was knocked over by a taxi. Miss N suffered injury to the shoulder, back and knee and was awarded £2300
  • Mrs O walked into a faulty sliding door at a well-known supermarket. we proved the supermarket was at fault and Mrs O was awarded £1500 for her injuries
  • Five-year-old B fell through a faulty clothes display in a children’s clothing department. He damaged his face and nose and won damages of £2000.

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